Sunday, April 14, 2013

Remember diaries? Yeah, it's just like that.

I remember having a diary as a kid. It had lavender pages and a little lock with two keys. Honestly it might still be around here somewhere.

I remember also how I would have the very best intentions. I'd think of how great it would be to look back in my diary in future years and see what I had been doing and thinking long ago. Or how funny it would be to look back and read to my sister how she'd annoyed me at some date in the past. (I do believe I got that idea from a Sunday Lockhorns cartoon.)

But inevitably there would be one or two entries and then you'd see weeks, months, or years go by. And that entry would always start "Dear diary,I'm so sorry I haven't written in so long..." And then I'd feel obligated to try and catch up on the intervening time and end up with a sore hand from writing so much.

It's a lot like blogging really. And not a lot has changed it seems. I imagine I have several posts that start out with something similar.

Well I haven't posted since January, which is just nuts. But no apologies. And no effort to catch things up. There is just too much! I have been posting on Facebook though because that's what happens when you make posting photos easy! I still haven't found an easy fast way to post pics from my phone to my photobucket and blog yet. Quite annoying.

I'm heading off to a 3 day business trip tomorrow. Going to PA for the first time. Then spending a good chunk of next weekend on a workshop with my colleagues. So this weekend I tried to get in a lot of cuddles and loving with the kids and give Tom some chances to get out of the house.

The girls are learning to play games with me. We've played Memory, Go Fish, Hi Ho Cherry-O, and Candyland so far.

We also went to our public library today so Nick could read to some visiting therapy dogs there (and Gabi and Lily got in on it too.) And Nick and Gabi both are really into legos right now.

Here's a few pics, which annoyingly only will post at the end and in a totally random order, but we do what we can!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thank you, Sweetie! Such a great blog entry with pics! Love you all bunches and bunches! xxoo:)