Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sorry about the wait

Just a little busy around here. Seriously.

But here's a few videos for you finally!

All smiles from the girls. Gabi is on the left here.

A typical Sunday morning at the Mott's. Well, during a quiet few minutes. It was actually so remarkably quiet I had to grab the camera.

And this is what I look like within 5 minutes of walking in the door after work.

The girls were quite happy at their four month pediatric visit. Well, before the shots anyway. Gabi weighed in at 13lb 5oz and Lily weighed 12lb 2oz. We think the only reason we can usually tell them apart these days is because of their weight difference.

Photos too!
At the ped visit:
Happy at the doctor's

Can you tell who is who here? It took me a bit to be sure! Check out the name of the image to see.
Gabi left

Such happy girls:
Gabi left

Posing in the big chair. Lily is playing footsie I think.
Gabi left

Can't forget Nicky! He's just hard to catch on camera with his busy schedule. Here he was waiting for the cookies to finish baking:
Waiting for cookies

That pretty much brings us through the end of September. Check out the photobucket link and the 2010 September and Movie folders to see more!

Now if I can just get the October stuff up.


Twin Dude Mama (formerly Pregnant Lady) said...

They're so cute!! I didn't realize that they are monozygotic. For some reason I thought that you had had dizygotic twins.

My guys were so much bigger at 4 months (I think that we were due around the same time so the babies are techincally the same age). Your girls are still so tiny! I miss my tiny babies!