Monday, August 09, 2010

Update with photos. Feel free to skip to the photos.

So graduation was Saturday. I totally didn't go though. I meant to attend in SecondLife, but didn't end up doing that either. Instead I played with Nicky and we cleaned his room.

But I finally got around to checking my grades Monday. For the two classes I just finished, the two classes I took while in the last weeks of a twin pregnancy, had twins and have been completely sleep deprived ... I received A's.

Yeah, I'm a little proud of that.

So my final GPA for this Master's degree is a 3.97. Not the 4.0 I got for my Master's in Special Education, but still, pretty good! Especially considering this time I worked full time, had a young child and gave birth to twins. Last time it was just Tom and I, and he worked so that I could focus on just attending school.

But I'm so happy to be DONE. So happy in fact, that I hadn't even bothered to check my grades till Monday. Every other semester I was checking for final grades every day in anticipation.

Anyway, other than me being ecstatic to have NO HOMEWORK, I've been busy. I've started working mostly from the office and only working from home after a particularly rough night.

The girls are getting good at sleeping through the night, although that just means from the last bottle till around 7ish, and they don't usually go down from the last bottle till around 2-3am. But still, progress! In fact, last night, the last bottle started at 11:30. They were finally settled in at 1am and slept till almost 8am! I think we can't ask for any better than that.

I have uploaded photos from July into photobucket. A few of my favorites are:

Nicky and Lily cuddling on his bed
Nicky and Lily

Nicky in his new bunk bed
Nicky's new bunk bed

And our set up for the bouncy chairs in the other crib
bouncy time

I'll get around to uploading the August photos soon. JM actually came over the other day and took photos of the girls with her fancy camera. I got them this week and they are gorgeous! I couldn't resist, so I had to upload some for you now. Hope you don't mind more photos.



Gabi and Lily with Daddy (Gabi on the left)
Gabi left

Gabi and Lily (Gabi on the left)
Gabi left

There are sooo many more! But those will have to wait. Plus it gives you guys a reason to come visit so you can see them all! She gave me a disk with nearly 200 photos on it!


Twin Dude Mama (formerly Pregnant Lady) said...

Beautiful!! I need to take some pictures of my boys sans clothes. I always see naked baby pictures and it makes me want to take some :)

By the way, do the girls sleep flat on their backs in a crib or do they sleep in their bouncy seats? My boys sleep best when they're inclined, so I was just curious.

Anonymous said...

So can you just copy the disk and mail it to me snail mail. I want to see them all! They are so adorable.

Congrats on you Amazing GPA. You are an over-the-top over achiever for sure! I'm so proud of you!

Miss you all bunches and bunches!
Aunt Liz

Angela said...

The girls sleep best and longest in their swings. I have a movie of them in their swings. I'll have to see if I can upload it.

We're trying to get them to sleep in their crib during the day though so they won't be sick of swinging by nighttime. I expect we'll try getting them to sleep all night in their cribs overnight by 5 months. That's what we did with Nicky.